A RUINED TABLE is the scene after a dinner party: dirty plates and empty wine bottles are everywhere.  It's the end of the night, yet everybody hangs around, oblivious to the mess.  The fun is in full swing and the food is long gone (except maybe the midnight snacks to come...) But it's not just about the food. It's about living in the present, forgetting the past and not thinking of the future.  It’s about pushing worries to the wayside because worrying never amounted to anything.  It's about standing against all of the things that separate us by coming together, locking eyes over what was probably quite a delicious meal, and saying “We are HERE in this life together and we are gonna have a damn good time!”


Ruined Table was created by Courtney McBroom. Her mission is to inspire others to create their own ruined tables, to foster connection in a world where it's a disappearing commodity and to empower people to get offline, take back their social lives and have face-to-face conversations again, with tasty food as the common denominator.